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May 25, 2017  •  2 Comments

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I'm gonna coin a Photography Style before anybody else gets to it.

True Photography


Why do we think this is the best, or why are we so attracted to this style of photography? Because it’s truth. It’s the most real style of photography there is. We’re capturing true moments, not staged moments. We’re capturing true glances, true faces, true emotions, and everything about what we do must be truth. Because that’s what a photograph needs to represent, what is really happening at the time the shutter is fired. Minimal to zero editing, except for color and exposure correction, and style edits. We don't shave off pounds. We rarely edit blemishes. 

This style flows into our posing.

Wait a minute, how can you claim true photography and also pose people? We pose people to show their best side, but we also use our posing to CREATE true moments. Re-enactments that turn into their own true moments.

You remember that movie The Notebook? My wife and I watched it recently, and I remember those certain moments that arise and you are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Like when Allie comes back from forgetting and remembers her husband. That's what we do. We create the emotion, but we create emotion that is true to you and your partner. We help you forget that you’re being photographed and help you connect with your partner on a real level. True photography. True moments. That’s what we do. That’s our style. That’s our mode. That’s us. And that’s what you get when you book a session with us. You get Truth.


Mike drop.


Studio Twenty Photography
Thank you so much Marin! You and Paul truly are a great couple to work with and your session was amazing and fun :)
Marin Loken(non-registered)
Albert, you captured everything we wanted from our session with you. You captured us being carefree and enabled us to get to that point. Both Paul and I were so nervous to take professional photos, but you allowed us to feel comfortable and be ourselves. I absolutely LOVED your willingness to be adventurous while we wanted to fish and be in the moment. Never ever would we recommend another photographer but you!
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