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Hey, I’m Albert

I serve people who secretly yearn for an amazing photography experience

I show them how effortless and fun it can be to work with a professional photographer and make some amazing memories

I’ve got...

  • Over five years of professional photography experience and have served many families over that time.

  • Two young kids of my own so far ;) - a three-nager and an almost two year old

  • An extensive (and secret) list of photo shoot locations in the greater Sacramento area

And when I’m not helping my clients look amazing on camera I can be found playing with my kids, enjoying a cup of coffee and a movie with my bride, riding my bike, or playing guitar.

If you’re dying to know more, here are three things you don’t know about me…

  1. My favorite dessert is strawberries, pound-cake (not angel food cake), and real whip cream with a cup of coffee

  2. My secret identity is an accountant

  3. I have two English Mastiffs - Wyatt is over 200 lbs and Josie is about 120 lbs

Work with me right this second by emailing me a request to view my calendar for appointment availability. or contact me here.